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Millwood Public Schools to Partner with Discover Education

The partnership with the education and technology-focused company will support science and social studies education.

The partnership with the education and technology-focused company will support science and social studies education.

Millwood Public Schools recently announced a new partnership with global edtech leader Discovery Education to support science and social studies education.

“We believe that by mobilizing our community and our resources around a clear mission and common goals, we will create the learning environments that will help each student in our school system learn, grow and succeed,” said Millwood Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Cecilia Robinson-Woods. “The resources from Discovery Education we are introducing into science and social studies instruction are focused on helping us reach the goals we’ve set for all learners, and we look forward to seeing their impact.” 

Millwood students and teachers in classrooms will have access to digital resources supporting science and social studies instruction. In the district’s recent strategic plan, it outlined several goals and measures of progress for student success. To help meet the district’s goal of student mastery of science and social studies, school administrators sought engaging digital resources designed to connect what students are learning in school to the world beyond the classroom. 

The district selected several Discovery Education resources for classroom use. To support science instruction in grades third through 12th, the district selected the Discovery Education Science Techbooks for classroom use. The Discovery Education Science Techbook series is a comprehensive, research-backed science solution for grades K-12. Used in classrooms across the United States, the Science Techbooks drive engagement with exclusive phenomena and interactive content.  

Virtual and hands-on investigations, STEM activities and a variety of instructional supports enhance the delivery of impactful, blended instruction, in person or at a distance. Available with the Science Techbooks are coordinated digital and print teacher guides offering unit, concept, and lesson overviews, standards connections and differentiation activities to inform instructional planning and guide three-dimensional learning. Teacher editions also provide flexible pacing options, embedded teacher notes and pathways for learning to support diverse learners. 

To support social studies instruction in MPS’s grades 7th through 12th, educators will use Discovery Education’s Social Studies Techbook for instruction. Featuring standards-aligned, core-curricular resources that use an inquiry-based approach to enhance literacy and critical thinking skills, Discovery Education’s Social Studies Techbook aids teachers and students as they approach inquiry through the 5Es Framework: Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend and Evaluate. From stories of ancient cultures to in-depth explorations of civics and government, this comprehensive digital textbook takes concepts off the pages and brings lessons to life. 

Discovery Education’s Techbooks are delivered through the award-winning Discovery Education platform. Connecting educators to a vast collection of high-quality, standards-aligned K-12 content, ready-to-use digital lessons, intuitive quiz and activity creation tools and professional learning resources, Discovery Education provides educators an enhanced learning platform that facilitates engaging, daily instruction in any discipline or learning environment. These resources, sourced from trusted partners, are aligned to state and national standards and help educators bring the outside world into teaching and learning every day.

“Millwood Public Schools has articulated an exciting pathway to improving outcomes for all their students,” said Vyvyanne Dinh, M.Ed., Discovery Education’s national partnership coordinator. “The Discovery Education team is dedicated to the district’s success and looks forward to working with the talented teachers across the school system to implement their exciting vision for teaching and learning.”