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Mirror, Mirror …

Their function is constant but their forms vary widely – reflecting on mirrors’ artistic possibilities can pay huge decorative dividends.


On the bathroom wall, over a chest of drawers or the fireplace, near the entryway, all of the above and more – the mirror is an essential staple in the home. They come in all shapes and sizes and styles from modern to traditional, classic to funky, and while you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time in front of one, it will reflect the style of the room it’s in. That means you will want to get it right. And even if you don’t always want to spend a lot of time looking at yourself in the mirror, you can always love looking at it.

(left to right)

Traditional 18th-century mirror with c-scroll design, 32" x 48", $745  // Omega mirror, framed by smaller mirrors with beaded molding, 35" x 49", $895 both from Mister Robert

(clockwise from left)

Modern mirror in a composition of squares with antique gold finish on the framework. 42" x 61", $602 // Geometric starburst mirror, metal frame with gold leaf finish. 47" diameter, $900 // Modern primitive style wall mirror in antique gold leaf finish. 48" round, $789 all from Designer’s Market

(left to right)

Circular brass mirror, 36" diameter, $849 // Prism mirror, 36" x 50" x 2", $699 both from Urbane