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Modernology in Home Decor

A suite of decorative options to give classic function a more modern form.

I’d Love To Claim That I Don’t Have Any Idea What Phones On The Wall Were Like. That I haven’t ever lived with green and gold shag carpet. Eight track? What’s that?

However, I do know, and have personal experience with all of the above. Truth be told, the first music I ever owned was on a 45 (that’s a record, people) and I will never forget my mom “discovering” toile.

As they say, the world keeps on spinning and with it, things change. Technology has changed the way we listen to music, use phones, cook … and much more. Style has been influenced by the modern world as well. Sometimes it’s a look back to a genre like mid-century modern and sometimes it’s a really new take on an old idea.

I’ve written this before but I will say it again: I love mixing the old and the new. Old fashioned with modern, warm with sleek. Because of this I really enjoyed searching out some modern gadgets and design pieces. For example, what about the dreaded desk chair? Why does it have to be unattractive? Simply put, it doesn’t.

Just because something has function does not mean it has to sacrifice its form. A small work desk, on casters and adjustable to the perfect height? Yes please! And for music lovers, there is nothing like a cool sound system that not only looks good but has superior performance. The aforementioned are just a few of the exceptional items on these pages and only scratch the surface of what’s out there to not only make your life more modern … but more stylish. 

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Kakkoii WOW Wireless Speaker
from Perch’d in OKC


Areaware Alarm Dock from Perch’d in OKC

Native Union Curve Bluetooth Phone from Perch’d in OKC


Geneva Sound System from Perch’d in OKC


 Dirk Low Back Chair in White
from Suburban Contemporary Furnishings in OKC


 Mission Glass Side Table from Dane Design in OKC


George Nelson Spindle Reproduction Wall Clock
from Dane Design in OKC


The WorkPad Table in Green from Dane Design in OKC


Nelson Storage Ottoman from Dane Design in OKC


Alessi Toaster from BD Home in OKC


Alessi ToDo Grater from BD Home in OKC


Chilewich Placemats from BD Home in OKC


Modcat Litter Box from BD Home in OKC