Mood Board: Inspired to Enliven

Suggestions for visualizing ideas


The seasons definitely influence our state of mind and motivation. We’re leaving winter, when we’ve been tucked in and curled up in comfort. Heading into spring, you can feel that stir of planning — the desire to clear out, start fresh, take on the world. Home projects are waiting to be tackled like a blank canvas waiting for paint, and we are ready to create. Assembled here are elements that exude spring and are rich in style: grasscloth wallpaper, gold and acrylic hardware, brushed tile and marble … all beautiful, ready to make a bright, brilliant appearance. Looking at them conjures one beautiful thought: “Ah, Spring.”



1. Marble tile from Norwalk Furniture and Design, 12100 N May, OKC
2. Gold and acrylic pulls from Norwalk
3. Fabric from Ketch Design Centre, 4416 N Western, OKC
4. Paint palette from Sara Kate Studios, 1100 N Broadway, OKC
5. Arabesque tile from Artisan Tile Studio, 7108 N Western, OKC
6. Floral carpet from Norwalk
7. Grasscloth wallpaper from KASA Wallpaper Studio, 6432 N Western, OKC
8. Patterned wallpaper from KASA
9. Floral wallpaper from Norwalk



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