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Moodboard: Art Greco

Reflecting on intellectual and athletic experiences rooted in Greece.

Photo by Sara Stewart. Styled by Britta Newton-Tarron.

The impending Summer Games inspired this curation of history-making photos, prized articles and personal travel mementos, transporting us to another time and honoring the birthplace of the Olympics. Medals may mark a competitive win, but the biggest “wins” may come from within. Mental and physical strengths propel us forward. Balancing intellect with athleticism, Olympic images dating back to the 1930s are displayed alongside books, including Homer’s The Odyssey. Speaking of books, stylist Britta Newton-Tarron hints to her time studying art history, language and Greek mythology at Deree — the American College of Greece. The blue journal and Aphrodite bust recall her adventure, summer days filled with beauty and love. Viewing all pieces together, we see a celebration of the human experience: the striving, the growing, the achieving. Soon, all genders, races and nationalities will convene in Paris for the 2024 Olympics. From antiquity to modern times, the torch is carried on. We watch in wonder, and cheer on humanity. 


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