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Moodboard: Discovering Life Anew

Discovering Life Anew. A garden of budding designs and curated finds


Photos by Sarah Strunk. Styled by Modern Whimsy Interiors.

Spring is when all that was dormant starts to sprout, when leafy branches and glorious blooms reveal new life. Modern Whimsy Interiors’ founder Kellie Clements draws parallels to design, when vintage treasures find new shine amid fresh, modern concepts. This juxtaposition between old and new is a signature of Modern Whimsy designs, also reflected in this moodboard. 


Antique keys hint at a secret garden of roses, birds and bugs. The smooth Chelsea Nicole Creations pottery and Livden Luna tile (appropriately, in the color “ivy”) contrasts textures with a Flor carpet square in magenta. Reeded wood, raw edges and simple threads remind us of nature’s contributions. Milton and King Plumeria wallpaper plants a modern floral in a garden of pinks, greens, grays and geometric shapes. Peepers glasses and garden shears await seasonal tasks. In design and springtime alike, there is much to be unearthed, rediscovered and admired anew. 

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