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My Daily Media Diet

Brenda and Jorge Hernández, founders of Tango PR, walk through what media makes a difference in their lives while recommending what we should add to our lives as well.

Brenda and Jorge Hernández, founders of Tango PR, walk through what media makes a difference in their lives while recommending what we should add to our lives as well.

Where do you get your news first?
BRENDA: I like to know what’s going on in my local community first, so I turn to our local TV news channels. KOCO Channel 5 is one of my favorites. I love the morning news anchors, especially our friend Alejandra Briones. I do also refer to our local print media, Oklahoma City Free Press and The Oklahoman, for a more in-depth coverage of what’s going on in our community. For national news, I turn to ABC and Univision, The Washington Post and The New York Times for print.

What app do you open first in the morning?
BRENDA: The first app I should be opening is my Bible app, but the GroupMe app is usually the first one that prompts me to open it. It’s the best way to keep up with my daughter’s busy sports schedule and plan our day/week accordingly.

JORGE: I usually open CNN and Facebook first. That’s where both my family and community seem to spend most of their time.

What newsletter always gets clicked open?
BRENDA: Calle Dos Cinco in Historic Capitol Hill Monthly Newsletter. There is so much going on in this up-and-coming district in south Oklahoma City. This is a great way to stay up to date and find ways to get involved and support the district.

What podcast do we need to be listening to?
BRENDA: United Voice Oklahoma. These are great, in-depth conversations that promote a healthy dialogue on race relations in our community and around our nation. It is so important for us to hear different perspectives from the people that live in our communities to better understand one another.

JORGE: I like to stay well informed about everything going on around our country so I try to listen to various NPR, ESPN and CNN audio podcasts.

What social accounts should we be following?
BRENDA: Visit OKC. It’s a great one to follow, yes, even if you are a local. It helps you to appreciate all that our city has to offer. OKC Talk. They do a good job covering a wide variety of things happening in our community. I especially like to look at the feedback from their many followers, which gives me good insight into how our community feels about different issues/topics.

JORGE: Well, I take great pride in the work and growth taking place in OKC and in the Latino community. So in order for me to stay informed and connected, I follow the LCDA, ,Calle Dos Cinco, Mayor Holt and of course Tango PR!

What music should we add to our playlist right now?
BRENDA: Stevie Wonder. Who doesn’t love a little Stevie Wonder in their life? Andrea Bocelli. You’ve got to listen to his amazing voice and get ready for the upcoming concert in OKC.

JORGE: I really enjoy the smooth, exciting and classic sounds of Michael Bublé, Journey, Earth, Wind & Fire and Mexican mariachi music!

What books are making you think?
BRENDA: My Bible is definitely a book that continues to make me
think and keep me sane, especially during these uncertain days of the pandemic. I have also been reading another book that has made me think a lot about the future of our country, especially on the one-year anniversary of the insurrection at the Capitol, Jon Meacham’s The Soul of America.

Is there any other media you consume that we’ve missed?
BRENDA: I like to listen to internet radio, Spanish and English. Many
times, I don’t have time to sit down and read something, but it does help me stay in touch with what’s going on while on the go or at home cooking.