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New Greater Oklahoma City Asian Chamber of Commerce Announced

The new organization will support the economic growth of the growing number of Asian-owned businesses in the OKC metro area.

The new organization will support the economic growth of the growing number of Asian-owned businesses in the OKC metro area. 

The Greater Oklahoma City Asian Chamber of Commerce board of directors recently announced the official kickoff for the new organization and its inaugural year during Lunar New Year.

With a growing Asian population and an increasing number of Asian-owned businesses in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, community leaders and entrepreneurs created the new Asian Chamber with a mission to support the economic growth of the Asian community in the Greater Oklahoma City area.

Mayor David Holt, Gov. Kevin Stitt and Rep. Stephanie Bice’s staff shared remarks honoring the contributions of the Asian American and Pacific Islander members who have made Oklahoma and the United States their home.

 “Asian American and Pacific Islander residents have made a tremendous impact in the state of Oklahoma and across the nation, serving in vital leadership roles at the local, state and national level, leading businesses, making breakthroughs in science and technology, building businesses, serving in our military, serving in public office, excelling in sports, arts, education and more,” said Gov. Stitt.

At the celebration, Matt Blubaugh, a congressional staff member representing Rep. Stephanie Bice, presented a certificate of special recognition to the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber in recognition of its outstanding and invaluable service to the community.

“The Asian American and Pacific Islander community is rapidly expanding and has already had positive effects throughout Oklahoma City,”  said Rep. Stephanie Bice. “The Greater Oklahoma City Asian Chamber of Commerce will empower businesses and allow new growth opportunities throughout Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District.” 

Economic Impact

Asian communities are some of the fastest growing populations in the nation, state and city. Locally, their meaningful contributions to the economy have also increased. The 2020 Census data shows that nearly 50,000 Asian residents live in the greater OKC metropolitan area. Surveys show there are more than 5,300 businesses resulting in $203 million in payroll and $1.25 billion in sales. 

“We started out with a small group of entrepreneurs from different businesses and backgrounds in early 2022 and quickly grew into a strong and passionate team of prominent business leaders serving as board of directors and committee members,” said Scarlet Le-Cao, the inaugural president of the Greater Oklahoma City Asian Chamber of Commerce. “The Asian population is incredibly diverse, and we want to preserve our cultural heritage and support economic development for Asian communities in the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area. It is critically important to advocate, represent and provide our communities with valuable tools for their businesses and professions.”

The Asian Chamber will work closely in partnership with other chambers of commerce, the city and the state to strengthen the minority business enterprise and workforce. The goal is to establish long-term relationships to build foundational growth for Oklahoma City’s economy.

“For decades, Oklahoma City has been the proud home of a vibrant Vietnamese American community,” said Mayor David Holt of Oklahoma City. “The Asian community has grown significantly and made a remarkable impact on our neighborhoods and local economy. This special Lunar New Year celebration not only marks a new beginning for the chamber and for our city but also promotes unity, spurs innovation and fosters economic growth.”

Founding Board of Directors

A group of prominent business leaders and professionals make up the founding board of directors including officers Scarlet Le-Cao, president; Mary Nhin, vice president; Victoria Tran, vice president; Chante Sourignavong, treasurer; and Ernest Abrogar, secretary.

 Other board of directors include Cassandra Kalancha, education programs committee chair; Mydazjah Petties, events committee chair; Thao Nguyen-Pham, membership committee chair; Thuan Hieu Nguyen, advocacy committee chair; Valorie J Filippo, board member; Tasneem Ahmad Al-Michael, board member; Mike Hoang, board member; Jacqueline Sit, marketing committee chair; Justin Le, board member; and Victor Flores, fundraising committee chair.

The advisory board includes Roy Williams, Meg Salyer, Ban Nguyen, Nathan Cao, Mohit Singh, Shweta Singh and Robert Palmer.

“Our values treasure diversity, innovation, integrity, teamwork and communication, and we are excited as an organization to grow, serve and support our Asian community,” Le-Cao said.

The chamber’s vision statements are:

  • To connect, strengthen and advocate for Asian businesses and professionals in the greater Oklahoma City metro by supporting pro-business policies.
  • To recruit Asian-owned businesses and Asian talents to areas we serve.
  • To facilitate fair and equitable access to opportunities for Asian businesses and professionals. 
  • To pursue educational and cultural initiatives for the greater Oklahoma City Asian communities. 

The chamber’s founding sponsors were officially announced at the event. The sponsors include: Paycom, Chesapeake, Jimmy’s Egg, OKC Thunder, Super Cao Nguyen Market, OG&E, First National Bank, Gooden Group, Full Sail Capital, Nhinja Sushi & Wok, Ninja Life Hacks, True Sky Federal Credit Union, Tinker Federal Credit Union, Stride Bank, Practical Preparedness, THN Insurance, CMM Financial, Navaid Health, and Neuroradiology & Pain Solutions of Oklahoma. 

To join the Greater Oklahoma City Asian Chamber of Commerce, to become a sponsor or to learn more, visit

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