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New Twists at Bricktown Brewery

Comfort food - but not as we know it


Unexpected additions to some of our favorite comfort food dishes form the latest twist to Bricktown Brewery's menu. 

Cornflake Crusted Catfish is just one of the Twisted Comfort Foods new to the brewpub's menu, which will change on a consistent basis to offer more variety from its four OKC restaurants, according to Buck Warfield, president of Bricktown Brewery & Restaurants.
“We're not changing the whole menu, just the Twisted Comfort Foods section. Our goal is to offer comfort foods that you can’t find anywhere else, and to give diners something new to crave every couple of months," he adds.

“We want our guests to continue to be wowed by our menu, and one of the best ways to do that is to change things up more regularly.”

Adding Mexican beef Picadillo to mac and cheese, and pulled pork and queso fresco to Cobb salad are just a few of the twisted comfort options new to the menu alongside its award-winning and ever-changing craft beers. This is one instance in which a change might do your taste buds good.


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