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OKC’s Donut Destinations

  One of the greatest things about America is that we count donuts as breakfast.



One of the greatest things about America is that we count donuts as breakfast. Any reasonable person would know that sweet, fried bread is not breakfast, but we don’t care. That should be celebrated. In order to help you do that, we picked out some local shops and restaurants around the metro that deliver delicious “breakfast” in the form of donuts, fritters, long johns and, yes, even sausage rolls if you insist on savory.


We begin with the meta-donut: the sour cream old fashioned at Brown’s Bakery. It’s the donut by which all donuts should be judged. The blueberry cake donut is another popular choice, but a visit to this Midtown icon is crucial.


Up near Deer Creek is Wow Donut, and while it’s pretty traditional and excellent across the board, they make a series of character and sports donuts that light up the eyes of little ones. 


Missy’s Doughnuts in Guthrie makes a cinnamon roll donut-style that is absolutely worth the drive up I-35. Grab a glazed twist while you’re there.



Main Street Donuts in Norman is sort of obligated to make iced OU donuts, but they do a great job with traditional styles, too. The sausage rolls and croissants are excellent, if you want real breakfast.Mainstreetdonut


The Donut Palace is perfectly old school, and you should absolutely trust them for an apple fritter. We recommend them warm, but they’re good in the car, too, if a bit messy.


AM Donuts on N. Penn near the original Rococo has excellent old fashioneds, including a chocolate version. They’re also an excellent choice for sausage rolls.


We need to include a shout-out to Daylight Donuts wherever you find them. They are consistently excellent, and in a world where most brand names have too much sugar or too much breakfast cereal, it’s nice to find a trusted name with old-school commitment to beautiful glazed donuts, twists, devil’s food, and all the donut dreams of our childhood.


Route 66 Donuts in Bethany has big, beautiful, yeasty glazed donuts, jelly filled, and an amazing chocolate “cinnamon-roll-style” indulgence that deserves your immediate attention.


No, Social Deck & Dining is not a donut shop, but if you’re there for brunch, you should get the blueberry donut. It’s a marvel.

Social Deck And Dining

Another restaurant that does it right is RePUBlic Gastropub. They serve Meme’s donuts piping hot with three dipping sauces – but caramel and chocolate combined is the way to go.