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Oklahoma City Gears Up For “Boomtown OKC”

An explosive new development is underway in OKC, bringing new and exciting opportunities for tourists and locals alike

Oklahoma city skyline

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Exciting changes are on the horizon for the Adventure District in Oklahoma City as it gears up for a revolutionary makeover with the introduction of “Boomtown OKC,” which marks the most extensive commercial development the area has witnessed in over 30 years. The ambitious endeavor encompasses a slew of new establishments and activities under the guidance of lead developer Andy Burnett, with a grand opening slated in late 2024.

At the center of Boomtown OKC is a four-story hotel that will offer guests approximately 200 rooms. Additionally, negotiations are underway with national retailers for four pad sites to ensure a dynamic retail environment within the development. Principals are also actively working towards integrating this development with the rest of the Adventure District, aiming for cohesion and unity. The long-term vision involves overcoming existing divides, such as the deep fork trail, to create a seamless experience for visitors across the district.

The genesis of this expansive project stems from the visions of Burnett and his associates, which were initially united by a shared passion for volleyball. The shared mutual interest in the sport evolved into a comprehensive plan to establish a modern volleyball complex, which will set the stage for the grandeur of Boomtown OKC.

The Adventure District, located near the intersection of Northeast 63rd Street and Martin Luther King Avenue, was not the initial choice for developers but eventually emerged as the perfect canvas for their vision, providing ample space for various facilities. Beyond recreation, the development addresses a community need for increased entertainment and retail options, extending operational hours beyond the conventional 5 p.m. closing time.

Brittani Hunter, the district’s executive director, expounded on the project’s significance in response to the community’s demand for enhanced entertainment and retail choices. As a potential catalyst for economic growth, Boomtown OKC will breathe new life into the area, spotlighting small businesses to complement existing attractions. The addition of a new planetarium at the Science Museum Oklahoma and the Exhibition Africa Habitat at the Oklahoma City Zoo also enhance the district’s allure, promising a more expansive experience for visitors.

A distinctive highlight of Boomtown OKC will be the dedicated pickleball facility, featuring 16 indoor courts and four outdoor courts. Under Matt Hastings, CEO of the Social Pickle, the facility includes a pro shop and beverage bar that caters to players of all ages and skill levels. With the indoor and outdoor volleyball courts, restaurants and the hotel, Boomtown OKC should be shaping up to be a comprehensive entertainment destination.

As construction progresses, Boomtown OKC represents a testament to ongoing revitalization efforts in the Adventure District and a significant commercial development. With a focus on engagement, community, belonging and innovation, the Adventure District is poised to evolve into a vibrant and unified entertainment hub, offering diverse attractions for both residents and tourists.

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