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Our Map For Exploring Oklahoma City’s Murals

We set out to make a guide to OKC's brightest murals. Download our map and join us on an artistic adventure!

Photo by Zoie Zuk / Model: Adam Lewis / Location: Factory Obscura

Now that Spring is in the air, we are ever-so-sweetly greeted by the smell of fresh blooms and the warm sunshine on our skin. The weekends are begging us to get outside! If you are craving spontaneity, love getting your creative juices flowing, and want to make the most out of your time, this adventure is for you. Put together an outfit you love, grab your camera (your phone works wonders, too), and head out the door to embark on an exciting journey. This day trip includes sight-seeing OKC’s incredible murals by local artists and the chance to explore the city at your leisure. Rest assured, we have done the hard work for you and compiled the best route to ensure your day is seamless.

Graphic by Raylee Lewis. Artist Credits listed at end of article.

Destination 1:

To kick off your adventure, start at the North-most point on our map in Uptown OKC. Your first destination is “Vibratory Messages Generated by Tethered Bees” by Scott Henderson and Bennett Stookey, located at 5219 N Western Ave on the side of the Antique Avenue Market. This colorful masterpiece with magnificent bees is just the start of your exciting exploration. 

Destination 2:

If you enjoyed the first artists’ illustration of art and nature coming together, prepare to be amazed by another artists’ depiction of this beautiful collision. The second mural “The Nature of Things” is a collaborative effort by local artists Kristopher Kanaly, Dustin Gilpin, and Jerrod Smith, located in Uptown OKC at 4408 N Western Ave on the south side of the green building. 

Destination 3:

After you have enjoyed “The Nature of Things” head to the Paseo district for your third location. The Paseo District is no stranger to color, and in addition to countless colorful backdrop opportunities, you can find several murals located north of the Paseo Arts District and along Western Avenue.

Destination 4:

Your next destination is the hub of Oklahoma City murals, located in the Plaza District… The Plaza Walls! What was once a drab alley is now a magical collection of over 25 different local artists’ visions. As you can imagine, there is an array of outstanding art, providing exquisite backdrops for some incredible photos. You won’t have to look far to find a mural to suit your aesthetic. 

Destination 5:

Your next stop is just down the road, and trust me, you can’t miss it! This massive beauty brings vibrant color and an abundance of joy to our city. The piece “Life in Bloom” by Dylan Bradway is located near 13th and Classen. There’s no better way to embrace Spring than by posing in front of this gorgeous mural. 

Destination 6:

For your sixth destination, you are in for some fun, even more color, and a surprise at the end! You are heading to Factory Obscura (25 NW 9th St), where you will find an incredible building covered with bright, beautiful murals. There are many to choose from and the color palette screams ‘spring’! Head inside to experience their mind-blowing, immersive experience. 

Destination 7:

If you have made it this far, you’re in for a treat! Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the seventh and final destination. For something exciting and different, wrap up your adventure with the Bricktown bridges for a night shoot (N. EK Gaylord Boulevard and Main Street). 

We hope you enjoy this day exploring the beautiful city and capturing the 405’s incredible art as much as we did. If you happen to post any photos from your adventure, be sure to use #your405 and tag us on Instagram (@405mag), we would love to see them! Enjoy!


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