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Paycom Donates $216,000 to Metro Schools; $30,000 to American Cancer Society

Paycom donated to Putnam City, Edmond and Millwood public schools, and the company provided funds to The Hope Lodge program, which provides free lodging to cancer patients.

Paycom donated to Putnam City, Edmond and Millwood public schools, and the company provided funds to The Hope Lodge program, which provides free lodging to cancer patients.

Putnam City Schools Foundation receives $50,000 from Paycom

Paycom gave $50,000 to Putnam City Public Schools Foundation as part of a two-year commitment to the school district. The funding supports the Communities and Schools Together initiative, aimed at increasing mentoring opportunities and improving health care accessibility for Putnam City students. 

“The Putnam City Schools Foundation is extremely grateful to Paycom for their generous gift to support community mentoring,” said Alyx Picard, executive director of Putnam City Schools Foundation. “With Paycom’s support, the foundation continues to provide programs and resources to more than 17,000 students and their families that enhance and enrich educational opportunities for students and families of the Putnam City School District, including the award-winning CAST initiative.” 

 CAST plans to channel the funds toward establishing an after-hours program at Western Oaks Middle School and continue and expand mentorship programs at other Putnam City elementary, middle and high schools. 

“We’ve seen a specific need for more strong mentors,” said Fallan Wolff, principal at Will Rogers Elementary. “From encouraging our students the moment they arrive in the morning to offering inspiration and support via mentoring, this funding allows community members to pour into our kids the tools they need to succeed today and in the future.”

The programming includes providing free health care products, such as bringing telehealth to all schools and ensuring all students have a coat, socks, shoes and underwear as they embark on their learning journey. 

 “Partnering with the public schools in our area is an important way Paycom supports our communities,” said Tiffany Gamblin, director of human resources business services at Paycom. “We know the power mentors can have on the children and young adults. We’re grateful to play a part in helping tomorrow’s leaders shine.”  

 Edmond Public Schools Foundation receives $50,000 from Paycom for mental health programming

Paycom gifted $50,000 to Edmond Public Schools Foundation. The donation is part of a two-year commitment that began in 2022 and funds several student behavioral and mental health needs through multitiered systems of support. This affects more than 26,000 students across the entire Edmond Public Schools district.

 Paycom’s donation contributes to the Edmond Public Schools Foundation’s $1.25 million commitment to invest in mental health initiatives from 2021 to 2026.

 “The foundation is incredibly grateful for Paycom’s generous gift,” said Deanna Boston, chief executive officer of Edmond Public Schools Foundation. “Our country is in the middle of a mental health crisis, and Edmond Public Schools Foundation made mental and behavioral health a strategic priority in its support of Edmond Public Schools in 2021. It is more important than ever to identify support for our schools. With Paycom’s help, the foundation can continue championing the mental health and behavioral needs of Edmond children from preschool to high school.”

The foundation’s programs, in partnership with the students’ guardians and families, consider the best ways to support students’ mental health needs, both proactively and during a crisis. Last school year’s programming included mental health professional development for educators and support staff, Feeling Buddies for pre-K through first graders and calming stations for all 19 Edmond elementary schools.

 “Mental health and wellness are very important values to Paycom and its employees,” said Cassie Niemann, director of talent and organizational development at Paycom. “With this donation, we can simultaneously support local schools and mental health initiatives for young community members. We are grateful to partner with Edmond Public Schools Foundation to fund programs for student success in the classroom and beyond.”

 Niemann also serves on the board of directors for the Edmond Public Schools Foundation, working to advance excellence in education and enrich student opportunities through Edmond Public Schools.

 Millwood Public Schools receives $116,000 from Paycom, benefitting marching band, music program

The company also gave $116,000 to the Millwood Enrichment Foundation as part of a two-year commitment to the school district. The donation is an investment in the future of Millwood Public Schools and brings new resources that support ongoing and new educational programming. One specific area the funding will impact is Millwood’s expanding marching band program. 

 “We greatly appreciate this generous donation from Paycom,” said Milo Wilson, president of Millwood Enrichment Foundation. “The funding will help to provide ongoing support for programs at the district and further improve the quality of education in our schools, specifically to improve our music education programs and provide new instruments for students who participate in band.” 

 Millwood’s marching band has grown from around a dozen students in 2019 to over 70 students from grades 6 to 12 today. The first installment of the two-year financial gift from Paycom of $54,000 will directly support this program. 

 “The funding will allow us to strategically invest in music education programs that research has shown supports students’ success in other academic areas, like reading and math,” said Dr. Cecilia Robinson-Woods, superintendent of Millwood Public Schools. “Paycom’s investment into our music education supports Millwood in its efforts to continue to build champions in the classroom, in the community and in life.”

 Paycom regularly champions sustainable programs, including educational causes, that ensure basic needs are met and encourage a brighter future for all.

 “Supporting initiatives that give back to sustainable organizations is key to our community efforts,” said Jason Bodin, senior director of marketing and communications at Paycom. “Music creates opportunities to innovate, collaborate and show creativity, and studies show positive outcomes for students who participate in band and other extracurricular activities. We’re grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such important programs.”     

Paycom donates $30,000 to American Cancer Society
Paycom Software Inc. recently donated $30,000 to the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge program, which will provide free lodging to cancer patients undergoing treatment and their caregiver when away from home.

The donation benefits Oklahoma City’s soon-to-open Chad Richison Hope Lodge, named after Paycom’s founder and CEO, and Dallas’ Gene and Jerry Jones Family Hope Lodge.

 “The American Cancer Society Hope Lodge program fosters emotional connections and supportive communities among cancer patients facing the same journey,” said Tiffany McGowen, Paycom’s vice president of talent acquisition. “You cannot put a price on that, and Paycom is proud to contribute to such an important program.”

In Oklahoma alone, nearly 3,700 cancer patients travel at least 40 miles for life-saving treatment annually. Hope Lodge communities offer comfortable guest suites with private baths and other amenities like a communal kitchen, dining area, laundry rooms and community spaces — all at no cost to guests.

 The donation was made through Paycom’s ongoing employee giving campaign and a one-to-one match made by Paycom. The employee giving program provides team members the opportunity to contribute to local and national causes that help ensure basic needs are met in the communities in which Paycom is based.

 “The cost of cancer treatment often goes beyond medical bills alone,” said Michelle Fair, senior philanthropy director of the American Cancer Society. “Patients receiving treatment far from home face heightened financial burden from travel and lodging expenses. Our Hope Lodge communities reduce financial strain, make treatment more accessible and improve the quality of life for thousands of cancer patients each year. Donations like this from Paycom help further our mission of hope and give cancer patients and their families peace of mind.”

 There are over 30 Hope Lodge facilities across the nation. In 2022, the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge communities provided 232,583 nights of free lodging to 14,057 individuals facing cancer, which total to an estimated $48,364,840 saved in hotel costs. The program has provided more than 6 million nights of free lodging to cancer patients since its launch in 1970.