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Picture Perfect Pages

While their contents are worthwhile, these coffee table books are worth judging by their covers.


You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the old saying goes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of its cover’s decorative possibilities in addition to the value of its contents.

Some people sort them by color on bookshelves, or set a vase of flowers, a treasured keepsake or a framed picture of a precious memory atop a stack of books. The coffee table book, however, may be the best kind for decorating, whether stacked or opened to a beautifully photographed scene – and some also are great resources for home decorating ideas. While all of these have great design and perfectly styled photos, the narrative inside is just as rich. The coffee table book proves to be perfect not only for style but function as well, and – if you choose wisely – a really good read.


(top from left to right) Around Beauty by Barbara Barry, $65 // John Derian Picture Book by John Derian, $75 // Glamorous Rooms by Jan Showers, $55 all from Bebe’s in OKC

(bottom from left to right) Interiors | Atelier AM by Alexandra and Michael Misczynski, $55 // In Detail by Hans Blomquist, $35 // A Living Space by Kit Kemp, $49.95 all from Muse by Lucca in Edmond