Plaza District Association to Showcase Local Creators

Kicking off the 22nd year of local art
Plaza Walls

OKC finds itself surrounded by talented creators, providing an opportunity for exciting festivals as the seasons change. The Plaza District Association is set to showcase a variety of retail, food, art, and music on October 2nd, including the 6th annual Plaza Walls Mural Expo.

Marissa Raglin Art

Marissa Raglin Art

With numerous performance acts, mural painters, and artist vendors, the Plaza District Festival offers a chance to celebrate local passion on October 2nd from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Rachael Leonhart, Executive Director of the Plaza Business Alliance was able to experience “the socioeconomic impact of the arts” during her 4 years with the Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma. “I love to bring creative programming to life. It’s part of the ecosystem that helps the Plaza District thrive.”

Blue Fish By Angel Jaramillo

Blue Fish by Angel Jaramillo

With a figurehead who brings light to local artistic endeavors, it’s no wonder that the festival has grown in popularity. Leonhart stated, “We have 3 live music stages with 28 performance acts and over 30 artist vendors and over 50 mural artists, 20 of which are traveling from across the country.” To continue supporting the diversity within OKC, the Plaza District Alliance “intentionally” chose each artist and musician to “bring people together regardless of age, socioeconomic background, or cultural taste.”

Despite the divide and hardship brought on by the pandemic, the Plaza District Festival aims to provide “community, creative inspiration, and collective joy” to all who attend the event. A festival free to the public, the Plaza District utilizes 16th Street to sell artwork, jewelry, soaps, clothing, and more. Oil painters Angel Jaramillo and John Brooks Woodworks, along with candlemaker Moonglow Maven, will be included in this year’s vendors. Watch for Lincka Elizondo’s bilingual pop band as the Plaza Festival’s headliner. OKC’s best representation of cultural diversity through creation is found right at the center of the Plaza District.

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