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A pair of stores in Plaza District makes old new and kitschy cool
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It’s not every day that you see local artwork and vintage clothing pair up for a wearable masterpiece, but at Bad Granny’s Bazaar in OKC, you’ll find an entire gallery of unique pieces to spice up your usual wear. Going beyond a simple thrift and consignment store, Bad Granny’s, located in the Plaza District, carries everything one spunky individual could dream of. A simple shopper will be transformed once introduced to Bad Granny’s assortment of gowns, tracksuits, funky hats, repurposed tees, and intricate jewelry. Every item tells a story of the past, with very little evidence of prior wear. 

Diana Harris, the owner of Bad Granny’s Bazaar, said, “Everything in the shop is recycled, used, upcycled, or handmade so that we are good for the earth.” As if you are stepping through the doors of a foreign and enticing world, Bad Granny’s will grab your attention and pull you right into its magic. If you aren’t in the mood for a new wardrobe, however, Bad Granny’s carries a variety of knickknacks from old board games to dozens of pop culture-themed buttons — you’ll see it all. 

Just a few hundred feet away from Bad Granny’s Bazaar lies Dig It Boutique, yet another fantastic consignment store that feels like a blast from the past. Eyeball earrings, crazy sunglasses, and tye-dyed prom dresses are just a glimpse into the boutique’s enamor. The combination of community and art doesn’t stop there.

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Amanda Martinez, owner of Dig It Boutique, said, “Our doors are open to those that may traditionally feel uncomfortable in more traditional settings.  From trans teens that are looking for clothing to make them feel more comfortable as their authentic selves to local punks, goths, drag performers, and more – everyone is welcome at Dig It.”

When it comes to supporting local efforts, Dig It goes above and beyond. Once you pass by the rack of repurposed clothing adorned with splashes of color and paint done by local artists, you’ll find Dig It Boutique’s collection of tapes, records, and band tees. Don’t hesitate to snag as many as you’d like from their unparalleled collection.

Martinez recognizes the importance of shopping local: “Whether it’s supporting the environment by purchasing vintage clothing or knowing a purchase is directly supporting a local artist, customers can feel good knowing their dollars are directly impacting the local environment and economy.”

The creativity highlighted in OKC’s thrift stores exemplifies the importance of supporting local businesses and their efforts to create a captivating shopping experience. Larger corporations, such as Goodwill and Salvation Army, do not have the means to immerse their consumers in the mix of art and clothing, but they are still worth your utmost support. After leaving the colorful explosion of genius that is Bad Granny’s Bazaar and Dig It Boutique, stop by the nearest Goodwill or Salvation Army and make a donation. Local businesses are imperative to Oklahoma City, but public support and generosity are at the heart of it all.


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