Plum Crazy Decor

Plum Crazy Decor

Purple is everything this season, from regal plum to ethereal lilac, and it’s very of the moment.


Of all the colors, purple seems to burst forth with the most mouthwatering names: lavender, sangria, plum, magenta, lilac, violet, wine, amethyst, wisteria, eggplant, iris, grape, periwinkle … I suppose you can name any color after something delicious, but purple really seems to have the corner on this market.

While it’s rare to choose to cover your walls in full-throttle purple — you aren’t Prince, after all — the shade seems to be making a breakthrough in decor. Woven into rugs, painted on pottery, high-glossed on accent furniture or plumped up in throw pillows, purple pulls no punches. It’s just yummy.


From Chateau Design & Interiors: Purple velvet pillow, $150; Ombre velvet pillow, $189


From The Wood Garden: Lidded temple jar, $150; Braganza jewel basin, $360; Purple and white glass art bowl, $135, with violet clam shells, $2.50 each



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Chateau Design, 9205 N Penn, OKC,

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