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Putting It All on the Table

A stylish selection of coffee tables worthy of starring in their own book.


Whether you’re actually placing its namesake beverage atop it is hardly the important part – a coffee table is an established icon of a living room, or any room with collective seating. It’s a staple, a sure thing, a necessity. Think of it as a blank canvas you can redecorate again and again, or a temporary storage space for whatever comes to hand; just take advantage of the abundant varieties to find one you really love.


Erikson table from Urban Farmhouse Designs, OKC


Wood and steel table made with reclaimed cargo flooring from Urban Farmhouse


Steel coffee table on casters from Urban Farmhouse


Pont table of formed glass, by Ligne Roset from BD Home, OKC


Ponton table in walnut and glass with a steel frame, by Ligne Roset from BD Home


Momentum table, combining a glass structure with walnut sliding trays, by Ligne Roset from BD Home


Plowman wood farmhouse-style table from Urban Farmhouse


Round jigsaw teak table from Plenty Mercantile, OKC


Round steel table with marble top from Plenty Mercantile


Toluca round table from Urban Farmhouse


Pebble table, solid walnut top on a tubular steel base, by Ligne Roset from BD Home