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Putting Men’s Best Face Forward

Expert advice on mastering men’s grooming through treatments for skin and beards.


A few years ago, many men began embracing the flip-flop trend, and as a result started seeing the benefits of a pampering pedi. Today, the pampering has moved upward, with even the most masculine man enjoying the art of a good facial. Whether clean-shaven, scruffy or sporting a full-on beard, a facial can even out a man’s appearance, as well as his skin texture and tone.

“When a man comes to see me for a facial treatment, he can expect total relaxation,” promises aesthetician Heather Mitchell at 822 Broadway Salon. “The men’s facial treatment targets clogged pores, skin sensitivity, razor burn, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles. It includes deep cleansing, a papaya and pineapple enzyme treatment for exfoliation, steam, extractions and an anti-wrinkle treatment. We follow that with a specialty mask to further promote healing, stimulate circulation and relax inflamed skin. An arm, neck and shoulder massage is also performed with this treatment.”

If a man has scruff or a full beard, Mitchell added that the facial mask treatment would be modified to accommodate for his facial hair. Plus, regular facials will minimize the appearance of wrinkles, leaving the skin tighter, brighter and deeply hydrated.

Now at 822 Broadway Salon, Mitchell has been in the business for more than 20 years, and added that trends come and trends go, and these days, the trend is toward more men coming in – not only for a facial, but for waxing, as well.

“I address any and every concern with my male clients, and do provide facial and body waxing in addition to facial treatments,” she says. “Men are becoming more educated about skin care and want to look good. As a result, I am seeing salons providing more of an environment that is comfortable for men.

“Nostril waxing is by far my most popular men’s service right now, especially for allergy sufferers,” she adds. “Pollen collects on the nose hairs, and once you remove those, you are able to breathe better. It is a quick and easy process with minimal to no discomfort.”

For the do-it-yourselfer, a number of products are now on the market to help a man keep his skin in tip-top shape.

Taylor Hanna opened his business, The Clad Stache, back in 2012. He started out with bow ties, neckties and pocket squares, before taking his company in a new direction.

“A couple of years ago I started making beard oil and beard balm,” Hanna says, “and then I moved into expanding the grooming line and dropped the men’s accessories. We currently have 11 different items such as beard oil, beard balm, charcoal face mask, sea salt facial scrub, beard wash, cologne and a few more items. We are slowly introducing items throughout the year that will include lip balm, shampoo, conditioner, moustache wax and pomade … to name a few.”

Taylor Hanna

Hanna said one thing that sets his company apart is that they focus on beard products that are manly, but that a woman will enjoy, as well.

“Many beard oil companies focus on scents like cedar, root beer or bourbon – and while those scents are not bad, except for the root beer one, they are not our main focus,” he says.

“Instead we create scents such as oxblood (leather and blood orange), Pine/Apple (rich pine and red apple) and Clad, which is a signature scent for us, reminiscent of an old-school barbershop.”

The Clad Stache line is available at 822 Broadway Salon, Quail Plaza Barbershop, Carwin’s Shave Shop, Plenty Mercantile and Revel Eight’s new men’s grooming shop that will be opening soon.

“We are focused on providing an all-natural quality men’s grooming product that actually helps your skin and hair, instead of drying them out and leaving you worse off than you were,” Hanna says.

Over at Classen Curve, Carwin’s Shave Shop offers a full line of grooming products, as well as barber and beard services.

“We offer beard trims, classic shaves and haircuts, and we are a one-stop shop for skin care products,” says Carwin’s marketing associate Kolsen McLaughlin. “Everyone has different skin types, so we help men figure out the best product for them and help them get the best possible shave.”

While the scruffy look is still popular, McLaughlin says he is seeing more business professionals opting for a full beard these days.

“A lot of men like the simplicity of scruff, and not having to shave every day,” he says. “And for others who want to grow a full beard, many come in and get a regular trim just like they would a haircut.”

The products they stock are tried and trusted, he said, and will help a man keep that neatly groomed look.

“We have unique products you won’t find at Walgreen’s,” McLaughlin adds. “Whether it’s beard oil, facial moisturizers or the most luxurious shave cream, we are here to help.”