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Radiant Orchid Reigns in Décor

An appreciative look at some decorative possibilities inherent in 2014’s luminously luxuriant Color of the Year.


The neutral couch and white walls paired with a mostly white rug
(four kids and a dog: I think I’ve gone insane) make it easy to add any color in. I love the purple accent pillows on the couch with the Benson-Cobb painting that has just a touch of purple. My nod to Pantone is the live orchid on the side table.


Every December, Pantone – a Color Matching Company With Roots in The Printing Ink Industry – announces its choice for the new, trendy color for the upcoming year. While this may not be an event a lot of people know or care about, it’s something I look forward to each winter, since this color gives a hint as to where fashion and decorating trends will be heading in the next seasons. The selection for 2014’s Color of the Year was “Radiant Orchid,” and I have to admit it was not the color I was hoping for! Sunshine yellow was my choice, and you only have to take one look around my home to see why. Initially, my hopes were dashed, but now I am ready for purple … I mean, Radiant Orchid.

Do I have the personality to embrace the shade? It seems so wild and out of control. However, I did find a picture I still obsess about in my hoard of inspirational magazine clippings – a linen slipcovered chair with a medium-hued purple monogram right in the middle of it. Maybe now purple has the support and credibility needed to actually get this done!

If you’re paying attention, you can pick up on the color of the year even if you didn’t know about the announcement. Any idea what it was in 2013? Think of an overexposed hue that seemed to be turning up everywhere you looked. Truthfully, this year you will probably see more of last year’s selection finally catching up to fashion and home furnishings due to lead times in manufacturing … it was Emerald Green. I promise, now you will notice it everywhere.

Radiant Orchid is an interesting hue of purple so my prediction is that you will find a lot of different shades floating around in the retail world in the very near future. When I spoke to some shop owners, they confessed they were “upping the orders on purple a bit.” While I wouldn’t ever change my entire style or decor based on one color, jumping on the bandwagon isn’t all that bad unless you go completely overboard. I do think it’s enjoyable to join in on the fun of focusing on a new color.

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Nina Campbell Wallpaper

A&B Home purple garden stool // John Hardy amethyst stud earrings // Sonoma Lavender French Bouquet



Anna French Wallpaper

Branché Charmeuse Lavender pillowcase // Tory Burch Wallet // Decorative Knobs from Uptown Candy in Oklahoma City



Anna French Wallpaper

Rock candy from Cayman's in Norman // The Galal Rug (floral) and The Spectrum Rug (solid) //  LAFCO New York Candle Fleurs de Baies candle //  Velvet ribbon from Room 22 in Oklahoma City