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Raining Sunshine on Maddie Cloud’s Designs

  Maddie Cloud is a force of nature.

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Maddie Cloud is a force of nature. An Oklahoma girl through and through, she grew up here, attended the University of Oklahoma and launched a small business – Made by Maddie Designs – that makes jewelry for every occasion and creates designs based on special requests.

Her design work is her passion, but Cloud is not one to only have one iron in the fire. Sitting on the sidelines is far from her style. In addition to Made By Maddie Designs, she recently launched a career in real estate.  

Infectious positivity is her superpower, as you will see here.



How did you first become aware of or interested in the art of jewelry making?  

Cloud: During college, I was on a strict budget. I would see expensive jewelry and I knew I could make my own, so I started buying beads, and I would make necklaces for myself. 


Have you always been artistic? Are you self-taught or did you have opportunities to learn this craft from others? 

Cloud: I have always been creative and artistic. My grandma taught me how to sew in elementary school, and I dreamed as a little girl that I would design clothes. There was a lot of trial and error when I started making jewelry. But once I got into a rhythm, it was almost second nature.   


Do you have mentors, known or unknown personally to you, whom you look to for guidance and inspiration?  

Cloud: For guidance, I really look up to all women who have started a small business from the ground up – the women who worked multiple jobs and had self-doubt in their small business but kept going. A small business does not succeed overnight; it takes time and a lot, a lot, of work. 

I am inspired by the style of Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and also artists like Slim Aarons. 


What do you look to for inspiration when you are coming up with a design?

Cloud: I find inspiration everywhere – from floral patterns to a perfect pastel color palette, to French antiques, to my Pinterest boards that hold many years of inspiration … (from) current and past decade trends. I am always inspired to design earrings that are whimsical and feminine, to bring out the girlie side in women of all ages.


What do you love about working and living in OKC?

Cloud: It’s the best place to live. I would be a cheerleader for Oklahoma City if I could. Oklahoma City is growing with new developments and businesses every day. I am so proud to be a part of this growing city. 


Do you have a favorite OKC spot? 

Cloud: Oh gosh, so many. The Bradford House has fabulous drinks for a girls’ night. The Metro is intimate and cozy for martinis and dinner. En Croute has the best cheeseboards and wine list. Bellini’s has a great patio for happy hour. The Ranch for the best steak dinner (my husband’s first pick). The list goes on and on. 


What does the future hold for Made by Maddie? 

Cloud: Made by Maddie is now being sold on (wedding apparel company) BHLDN by Anthropologie. It still feels unreal. I am excited to be a go-to jewelry designer for brides all over the country.