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Re-imagining An Ideal Husband at 3rd Act Theatre Co.

Oklahoma City’s non-profit 3rd Act Theatre Company announces its newest performance of Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband, reimagined by creative genius Kate Adams.

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Oklahoma City’s non-profit 3rd Act Theatre Company announces its newest performance of Oscar Wilde’s An Ideal Husband, reimagined by creative genius Kate Adams. As the third mainstage production of 3rd Act Theatre’s Season 3: Unknown, An Ideal Husband is set to offer audience members a full-scale production of a classic story with a modern twist. From Jan. 28 through Feb. 12, performances will be held each Friday and Saturday at 8pm, and Sundays at 2:30pm. The show follows the course of an illustrious dinner party in Washington, D.C., where esteemed characters navigate the hypocrisy of societal ethics. 

“When we produce classic stories or classic plays, we often hear two things from our audiences: It is either one of their favorites, or everyone does it and they don’t want to see it again,” said artistic director Amandanell Bold. “At 3rd Act Theatre Company, we love presenting familiar stories in ways Oklahoma theatergoers may not expect, and that is precisely what Kate Adams has created with An Ideal Husband. It is a Wilde-ly flowery tale of politics, relationships, and personal growth that is relatable and interesting.”

Screen Shot 2022 01 25 At 102023 PmThe 3rd Act Theatre Company gathered a plethora of local talent to showcase the traditional drama. While the theater offers family-friendly shows, its dedication to adapting classical literature into a reimagined performance is evident within Adams’ fascinating direction. 

“Working with this cast and company has been absolutely amazing!” said director Kate Adams. “The entire cast has clicked since day one, and the result is a terrifically funny and touching story about societal ideals and the line between ambition and greed. Getting to take on a classic piece and bring a new life to it has been challenging, but also so rewarding. 

“I have been a part of the 3rd Act family for a while, and it is such a wonderful theater to work with. Everyone is extremely supportive and uplifting, and they have given me every tool to be successful for my directorial debut. In essence, An Ideal Husband is a political drama with a fantastic twist of wit and humor, and I couldn’t have asked for a better project to present to our wonderful community.”

While 3rd Act Theatre’s production and directing crew have expressed their excitement for the upcoming show, the actors themselves have jumped at the chance to showcase their gratitude. 

“I am very thankful for 3rd Act’s professionalism and standards for procedure which allows art to be made safely and freely,” said Brenna Crowe, who plays Mabel Chiltern, the younger sister of the story’s tragic hero. 

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Cam Taylor, who plays the Senator and protagonist Robert Chiltern, is no stranger to 3rd Act Theatre’s past performances. “I’ve seen many shows at 3rd Act, and each show has been nothing short of outstanding,” said Taylor. “This company really brings together such wonderful talent in Oklahoma City, so to get to be a part of this company is such an honor.”

With a debut director and creative twist on Oscar Wilde’s famous tale, 3rd Act Theatre’s An Ideal Husband offers Oklahomans the opportunity to witness what may turn out to be a local masterpiece.

“We, as a company, take pride in being able to offer an environment to grow in and to be present in with discussion and learning,” said Bold. “There is a sense of freedom in the collaborative environment of our productions that provides us an opportunity to learn from and support each other.”

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