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Roll Out the Rugs for Fine Decor

Eye-pleasing home décor starts from the ground up – roam through this collection of spectacular rugs for inspiration.


Let’s Start From The Ground Up, Shall We? The varieties of rugs now available are nothing short of amazing. It’s a world I fully enjoyed diving into and honestly, I wanted to keep every single rug I laid eyes on. From a colorful take on traditional patterns to exotic designs from Morocco to sleek modern styles, there is somethingfor everyone. I definitely recommend rolling out some of these beauties and seeing if one (or two) might add a little life to your home. 

(from top to bottom) Moroccan Azis rug from Sara Kate Studios in OKC | Laura Kirar for Tufenkian rug from Designer Rugs in OKC | Moroccan Coyle rug from Sara Kate Studios | Afghani rug by Amadi Carpets from 30A Home in OKC | Ivory Moroccan rug from Mister Robert Fine Furniture in Norman

(rolled) Brocade Medici Tufenkian rug from Designer Rugs  // (stacked) Lapchi rugs from 30A Home

(left) Moroccan Turk rug from Sara Kate Studios // (middle and bottom) vintage Turkish rugs from 30A Home