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Round Midnight Jazz Bar Dazzles with Live Music and Cocktails

Downtown Edmond jazz bar soothes the soul at any time of day

Interior of Round Midnight Jazz Bar in Edmond, OK

Photo by Rachel Maucieri

The Oklahoma City metro isn’t lacking in atmospheric cocktail bars, but a bar that seamlessly weaves that same energy all day long is another story. That’s what puts Round Midnight, a year-old jazz bar at 9 S. Broadway in downtown Edmond, in a league of its own. 

When the bar, which shares a name with a song by jazz pianist Thelonious Monk, debuted, it focused on live music in a swanky setting where the cocktails are just as show-stopping as the main act. Now, thanks to the recent addition of daytime hours and a full-fledged coffee and espresso program, that same diligence and vibe is being poured into mugs as well. 

The signature espresso martini of Round Midnight Jazz Bar
The signature espresso martini | Photo by Rachel Maucieri

Walking into Round Midnight, an ornate brick-lined parlor shimmering in chandeliers and flickering in candlelight, you feel like you’ve been whisked away to Paris. The convivial space — outfitted with velvety banquettes, bird-adorned wallpaper, cozy lounge chairs and a chic bar — features music six nights a week, offering both vintage vinyl and jazzy performances. And while the music alone would be date night-worthy, this is the rare jazz bar where the drinks get an equal share of the stage. 

“Downtown Edmond had a couple of beer options, so the goal with this place was to provide a music venue with high-quality cocktails,” said co-owner Michael Garrison, emphasizing the intention to create a relaxed, comfortable setting that felt more like a homey parlor. Along with a curated selection of wine and beer, the drink list spotlights a wide array of classic cocktails, from a pitch-perfect Manhattan to a spiced citrus cosmopolitan, all served in elegant glassware made for clinking. 

Rounding out the cozy atmosphere, the bar added daytime service to offer a comfy place to relax or work, with the same soulful energy and the opportunity to choose between espresso and espresso martinis. Bringing in top-of-the-line equipment needed for coffee and espresso drinks, the bar works with Edmond’s own Green & Orange Coffee for the java, and local bakery Everyday Eats for the pastries. By day, customers can choose between coffee staples and seasonal lattes, like pumpkin spice and maple-ginger, before putting the laptop away and getting their fresh espresso in stemware with coffee liqueur, vodka and cream. 

Wine and menus at Round Midnight Jazz Bar
Photo by Rachel Maucieri

“The idea from the beginning was always to be an a.m.-p.m. bar,” explained Noah Engh, the bar’s music programmer and owner of mobile DJ service Vintage Vinyl, who created a jazzy Spotify playlist to bring that same sultry energy to the earlier hours before seamlessly shifting into evening performances. 

“We’re taking the vibe it has and opening it during the day,” he said. “My biggest role is making the space sound the way it looks.” 

No matter what time you’re here, be it for the coffee bar at 8 a.m. or the jazz bar at midnight, you can rest assured the vibe will be as buzzy as your espresso.

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