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Setting the Table

Inspired by our farm-fresh fashion shoot, this setup of homemade quilts and wildflowers helps make a country feast extra-festive.

Are you a locavore? This term applies to someone who is conscious about eating food that is produced in his or her surrounding area and not trucked in over long distances. This may be a new concept to you, but the movement is rapidly gaining momentum. It’s a great idea and easy to get behind. With the “from farm to table” idea in mind, we’ve ventured to the Great Plains – well, a little farm out west – to create our own end-of-summer feast.

It wasn’t a dare, but in answer to the question “Don’t you ever use paper plates?” — why, yes. Yes, we do. Paper plates can look just as beautiful on a table as your good old regular ones. Mix in jelly jars containing a little cranberry concoction with a lemonade sipper and sprig of lavender for drinks, the mismatched and vintage collected silver (don’t you love it?), and jars with berries, lemon slices and ranch dressing. To make it even easier, paper napkins are stacked and tied up with twine so they won’t fly away in that Oklahoma wind (hopefully, you have just a little bit of that to keep you cool). Fresh greens and home-grown tomatoes are washed and ready to make your own salad. Baskets with apples, figs and cherries are set out just in case you need a snack (plus, they look pretty).

Hay bales are placed around for seating and hand-me-down quilts are spread across the table. Extras are on hand in a basket in case someone wants to eat picnic-style on the grass.

A small table is covered in another quilt for desserts or any other things you need on hand but don’t have room for on the main table… like a delicious homemade apple pie.

We’ve saved the best for last: wildflowers! Mason jars in different sizes with both green and clear glass are bursting with Oklahoma wildflowers. Perfect.

From our table to yours, happy end of summer!

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