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Setting the Table

Inspired by the muted earth tones of autumn and winter’s crisply cool hues, a duo of suggestions will help deck out the dining table in seasonal splendor.


LIVING IN A PART OF THE COUNTRY THAT PROVIDES SUCH A RICH LANDSCAPE OF SEASONS MAKES IT ALL THE MORE SIMPLE TO COME UP WITH AN IDEA WHEN DECORATING AROUND A NATURAL THEME. Fall can be inspired by pinecone brown, bronze, orange, muted yellows and even grays to bring together the table. Beginning with an antique hydrangea (a mix of green and cabernet colors) and surrounding it with Japanese maple, kale and moss provides a centerpiece when placed on top of a dark wood pedestal. Plates with pale yellows and gray are placed on larger scrolled white plates atop gray scalloped square chargers. Sleek silverware and soft gray and white napkins accompany the grouping and are crowned at the top with colorful paisley stemware. Last but not least, a pinecone with a placecard … a simple, personal touch to finish it all off.




NOT LONG AFTER THE FIRST AUTUMN LEAF FALLS, THE COOL TEMPERATURES ROLL IN. Taking a break from the traditional red and green of the season, inspiration comes from winter’s blue, sage and evergreen tones. Hydrangeas are now available year round, and come in many different varieties, so one anchors the blue color of the centerpiece and is surrounded by evergreens such as juniper, pine and holly. A cozy breakfast is the occasion for this table, and all the necessary details are present: compote bowls for blueberries, small carafes for cream and mugs for coffee or tea. Simple white napkins and hammered silver fit nicely into this winter mix.

Excerpted from the fall 2013 edition of Design Oklahoma. To read the full article, click here to read our digital edition.