Sheldon Russell’s “The Hanging of Samuel Ash”

A Laudable Tale of Dirty Deeds

Hook Runyon has been working on the railroad, all the livelong day. And night. It’s a pretty unrewarding job being train security most of the time – long hours, alternating periods of frustration dealing with petty thefts and idleness with only his dog Mixer for company … oh, and the occasional mysterious corpse strung up by the tracks in the middle of nowhere. Determined to do right by a dead man whose only identification is a medal and whom no one seems to recognize, Runyon needs all his tenacity and guile to probe “The Hanging of Samuel Ash.”

Author Sheldon Russell taught at UCO for more than 25 years before retiring and putting a little more time in on his own writing; this novel is the fourth in his series starring Runyon. And as one additional criterion for recommendation, it was a finalist for fiction entries in last month’s Oklahoma Book Awards.


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