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Showing Your Home’s Soul With Art

When doing home décor, remember to embrace art’s soul-elevating decorative potential.


What we choose to hang on our walls says a lot about who we are. A treasured Beatles poster, an old photograph that you’ve enlarged, an original finger painting by your 4-year-old, an oil painting purchased from a local gallery … the possibilities are endless.

Art is an integral ingredient of a home’s decoration – and the choices around the metro are endless, too. From some very talented local artists to pieces from around the world, these are merely a few colorful possibilities. Even though all art is subjective, whether you have a whole wall to fill or a small space for something special, it shouldn’t be hard to find something you’ll love.

“Highway 74 May Drive” by Catherine Freshley, 36x36, $900, from ME Home, OKC

“A Sight to Be Seen” by Carol Broughton, 12x12, $1,950, from the Howell Gallery, OKC

“Pink Stockings” by Nancy Junkin, 20x24, $1,100, from the Howell Gallery, OKC