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Spring Mood Board

Assemble and keep track of assorted ideas for inspiration on a colorful mood board.


Watercolor-splashed wallpaper, gilded and glossed finishes and the sweet smells of budding flowers … spring is in the air, and right alongside it – imagination. Once the frosty days are gone, it’s time to make things light again. And as always, that holds true for personal spaces right along with personal goals.

The sun seems to shine a bit brighter, so it’s no wonder that what catches our eye is bright colors. Allow us to guide your inspiration here, with a few things to brighten up your special places. It’s not just the pretty things that can spark our imagination and vision for something new, but also the simplest of things: the empty vase or cherished photo, the curvature of a china cup or a slice of lush fruit. Imagination and inspiration are always a couple, and together they can create something meaningful, while adding no small measure of beauty to your home.




Shades of pink, blue or yellow, like the flowers on this wallpaper, are simple and exquisite.


A touch of gold in any small vignette brings richness to the setting.


From honeysuckle to English ivy, bringing wild vines inside is always a good idea.


Glass, marble, wood … these tiles that mimic nature’s beauty are perfect inspiration for a new backsplash or bathroom floor.


► Ring box from The Mrs. Box, themrsbox.com

► Wallpaper from Ketch Design Centre, 4416 N Western, OKC