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Standing Tall

Kids can’t be expected to fight for their own rights, but neglected and abused juveniles don’t have to, thanks to the volunteer efforts of Oklahoma Lawyers for Children.

JUST OUTSIDE THE PEACEFUL AND OCCASIONALLY KID-INSPIRED DÉCOR OF THE OFFICES HOUSING OKLAHOMA LAWYERS FOR CHILDREN, a framed quote atop a mantelpiece reads: "A man never stands as tall as when he stoops down to help a child." These words represent the mantra of the more than 700 attorneys and hundreds of non-lawyers who volunteer for OLFC, speaking up for the neglected, abused and deprived children in our state.

"Being a lawyer is a stressful job and you can feel very unappreciated in this profession, but doing this type of work fills your cup back up. It fills your tank," says OLFC president and CEO Tsinena Thompson. "Your heart swells, your step is a little lighter, and you know you've done something good. What you get out of it is greater than anything else that I know of."

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