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Striking a Spark

Flint is an outstanding addition to downtown and if Oklahoma City is lucky, it will anchor the Colcord for some time to come.

From its prime corner at Sheridan and Robinson, the Colcord Hotel has long been a focal point of the downtown Oklahoma City renaissance. A historic building with contemporary interior finishes, it affords a sense of both elegance and accessibility… but a spark has consistently been missing, as several restaurant concepts have come and gone at the Colcord over the years. The newest, Flint, is an outstanding addition to downtown, and if Oklahoma City is lucky, it will anchor the Colcord for some time to come.

Chef Andrew BlackUnder the direction of executive chef Andrew Black (see page 72), the menu is filled with creative delights. The must-try appetizer is the Jalapeno Hush Puppies ($5). Not the typical heavily breaded variety, these feather-light marvels are served with gherkin aioli and a sweet Thai chili sauce, and may beckon for a second order before the entrée arrives.

The menu of those entrées runs the gamut. Steak lovers will enjoy the seven-ounce filet ($29) or the 10-ounce New York strip ($28) with a side of au gratin-style Flint potatoes, served in a miniature cast-iron pot that keeps the dish hot throughout the meal. For something a bit more unusual, the Tamarind Grilled Blue Prawns ($23) offer the shrimp over a bed of herb butter linguini. This dish’s stunning presentation complements its intriguing mixture of flavors.

Dessert is nicely done, and the Strawberry Shortcake ($6) is a light finish to the meal. Strawberry mousse, rum-soaked chiffon cake and fresh strawberries make it a joy.

Service is excellent, from the valet parking to the front of the house to the knowledgeable and professional servers. Flint is an exciting and thoroughly welcome new downtown dining destination.