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Styled for the Sun

Bask in the arrival of warmer weather with a pair of breezy outfits for men and women.


After this crazy winter, some of us had been wondering whether we had already entered the spring season back in February. While closets and drawers usually see a brisk use of turtlenecks and leggings, this year had us all keeping the lighter wear close at hand. April is now upon us, however, and we can all break out the spring outfits … officially. Shorts, skirts and short sleeves can quickly put a smile on anyone’s face, and these two go-to outfits for spring will do just that. With the extra bonus of feel-good materials (the men’s shirt is the perfect weight and the women’s is light and airy) you can’t go wrong with these choices. The accessories are a must, too. Grab your shades and hat for all that spring sunshine, and enjoy!

From Gretta Sloane: Cara top and Erica skirt by Koch, $295 each, Karen Walker super lunar pink sunglasses, $300, Cala bracelet, $55, Princess earrings, $150, Superstar silver sneakers, $530


From Spencer Stone: Tennessee hat by Bailey, $65, Black shirt with white polka dots by Eton, $299, Hari Mari flip-flops, $85, White shorts by Mason’s, $185, Red canvas belt with suede trim, $125