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Summer Styling

  Suiting and color are two of the biggest trends in fashion right now, each appealing on its own.

0720 03 Fashion 003


0720 03 Fashion 003Suiting and color are two of the biggest trends in fashion right now, each appealing on its own.
But when they come together in one look, the result is a fresh take that’s cool and comfortable or chic and polished, depending on how it’s pulled together.

The shorts suit is summer’s fashion darling. This modern twist on the classic suit can be styled with shorts that stop at mid-thigh, or Bermudas that stretch to the knee. The look was all over the runways for spring. It’s more wearable and appealing than last year’s bike short and jacket look, and has just the right amount of edge and newness.

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Not eager to show too much leg? A matching pantsuit is a standout in bright colors, pretty pastels or all-over white, often with a jacket that nips at the waist and perfectly fitting pants that strike a happy balance between slim and wide. Or change it up with a roomy blazer.

And, of course, there’s always the skirt and jacket look. Play with color, interesting texture or pattern to keep it from looking too expected and add dimension. Go matched or mismatched, short or knee-length.

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Whatever your suit of choice, monochromatic is the season’s standout look with favorites such as pale pink, lemon yellow, grape, coral, orange, blue and mint. Monochromatic dressing gives a long and lean look. Subtle sophistication comes with a tank or blouse in a similar shade as the suit. Keep the color theme going with shoes and accessories, too, if you like. If head-to-toe color seems boring – trust us, it’s really not – break up the look with a print blouse or one in a complementary shade. Perhaps add an unexpected accessory such as an interesting brooch on the lapel, a chunky necklace or floral strappy heels. Details always count.

This year, the traditional 9-to-5 structured suit look is loosening its belt and having a fling with color.