Sun’s Out, Sunglasses On

Cool looks for the season
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Here in the 405, most of us tend to reach for shades year-round, but when warm weather arrives, we often start eyeing a new pair or two in a different color or a trendy shape.


Who can blame us, especially this year when current styles are so fun, chic and tempting? Tiny is a big trend, with undersize cat-eyes and small retro round and oval frames that smack of the ’90s.  Anyone not into small can slip on thick, oversized and often colorful frames or flat-top shields that cover and protect more of the eyes. 

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Transparent frames are following the popularity of clear handbags and shoes. If clear is too subtle, white frames are red-hot. They feel like summer. Pale pink, vibrant purple, cobalt blue and red are more colorful options. 


Certainly, classic aviators, cat-eye shapes and round sunglasses are always available, but this season they have even more appeal. Look for aviators with gold, silver, turquoise and green mirrored finishes and cat-eyes both teeny and big in leopard prints or multi-color stripes. Tom Selleck’s character on TV’s long-running “Blue Bloods” has always worn small, round eyeglasses and sunglasses. So did John Lennon. Now this style is of the moment, as are futuristic shapes with exaggerated and sharp details.

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Big, small, colorful, clear, cat-eye, round or futuristic … take your pick! If ever there’s a season to let your sunglasses make a statement, this is it. 


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