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The 125-Year Old Start Up

Standard Roofing Company is older than the state of Oklahoma.

Standard Roofing Company is older than the state of Oklahoma. It put a roof on our nation’s Pentagon. It has been a major player in our city’s development for well over a century. Why are we just now hearing about it?

“If it’s not broken don’t fix it, right? So, what if we don’t fix anything… what if we just change everything? Protecting What Matters: what could that mean?”

That’s what partners Andrew Payne and Jim King had to say about taking over a then 123-year-old family business.

The company had a single email address it had used for 40 years.
It operated on word-of-mouth only.
It had clients that exclusively utilized their commercial services since the 70’s.
It has the experience of team members who have devoted their entire working lives at this company, some for 50+ years.

There wasn’t anything broken, yet there were still pieces missing.
That’s where Jim and Andrew came in.

As you walk into an unassuming building, near the railroad tracks and adjacent to several industrial spaces, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a surprisingly bright, modern atmosphere. You’ll be greeted by multiple hi-def televisions broadcasting the organization’s Internal TV Network that showcases its employees – not just on the job, but celebrating the moments that happen outside of the workplace, too.

You’ll continue to walk – and walk, and walk… and notice that what appeared to be an average industrial building is actually vast enough to be considered a campus – with multiple buildings, landings, and workshops filled to the 3-story brim with organized materials, all of which are made in house specifically for their clients. This is what kept the company not only afloat, but busier than ever during the global pandemic: there were no material shortages to be had. This, as well as labor shortages were something that the largest commercial roofer in the area did not experience even in the most unprecedented of days. There were no layoffs. When needed, they sacrificed profits for employment. Investing in their employees and their newfound culture appears to have paid off – just look at the screen, their digital newsletters, or sit at their expansive table every Friday as they all get together to catch up and greet new faces. The space continues to grow as does their workforce.

Things feel fresh and new and exciting. It’s not just a blue collar clock-in-clock-out roofing job anymore, it’s a collection of passionate employees with a notably low ego who share the common goal of putting the company growth – and thereby, our community – first. There is an open line of communication typically only seen in a small startup company.

Standard Roofing Company serves as consultants as well as vendors to architects, city planners, general contractors and government agencies throughout the midwest and southern region of the United States. They always have. But now, you know.