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The Bridwell Home: Bold and Beautiful

The Bridwells craft a warmly welcoming home, artfully guided by the whimsy of an eclectic eye and a sentimental heart. 


A penchant for design and artistry runs through Piper Bridwell’s family; her mother is an artist, her grandfather was a well-known architect, and Piper is an artist herself. This bent towards aesthetically pleasing lines and color — as well as an affection for sentimental family pieces — is readily evident in the home that she shares with her husband Cody and their children Judge, Legend and Temple.

The home was built by Jim Greene, with Oak Leaf Custom Homes in Oklahoma City, but the Bridwells were involved in the mapping out of the design, suggesting “tweaks” to the original layout.

“My grandfather [architect Tommy Roberts] also helped us with it, before he passed,” Piper says, “That was really meaningful.”

The dining room’s massive table from Restoration Hardware embodies another of Piper’s décor characteristics; bold statement pieces.

“We wanted old wood,” Piper says. “Rings, old stains … this is where we eat every night as a family, so we need a forgiving surface. But we built this home to entertain, too. We love hosting baby showers, birthday parties … we love it.”

An homage to her grandfather’s design talent adorns the dining area wall, in the form of some of his framed hand-drawn prints. This is the first and most arresting instance of a pattern you see throughout the home; heirlooms displayed both for their family connection and for the visual contribution they make to the décor.

The table’s expanse means it can seat several, and the gray upholstered chairs that Piper paired with it (from Room & Board) are both comfortable and sleek. Shaker-style chairs provide both a design foil and extra seating, if needed. “I was going to paint them cobalt blue,” Piper says, “But I fell in love with the dual-toned wood, and ended up leaving them as is.”

Lack of strict definition can sometimes be a design drawback for open floor plans, but use of dark wood beams on the ceiling and one wall help to set boundaries for the eye and keep the various areas distinct while still connected.

In addition to the main living area, smaller retreats are tucked into the floor plan as well, giving the young family room to accommodate the needs of growing kids and bringing a little coziness to the open plan.

A small area to the side of the kitchen houses a television and comfy seating, allowing children to be close to parents as meals are prepped, and providing overflow seating for gatherings that’s just as relaxed as the main living area. Colorful furnishings complement the eye-catching rose-and-butterfly-festooned wallpaper (ordered from KASA), and a (genuine) buck’s head acts as a conversation starter (or stopper) that also gives you a peek at another facet of the family’s fun personality. “My mom shot that!” Piper laughs. “His name is Steve … he’s just hanging out with the butterflies.”


• The nearly all-white kitchen is kicked up a notch by a navy range.

• Stepping into the house’s spacious entryway gives you a bird’s eye view of almost the whole of the Bridwells’ home, thanks to an open layout, and a wall of windows in the living room allows you to see what the family utilizes as their outdoor living area; a comfortable patio complete with heat and television.

• An incredibly special framed Picasso scarf graces this comfortable corner.

A mix of whimsy, sentiment and bold design ideas continues throughout the house, with the girls’ rooms having the additional features of age-appropriate furnishings that can transition well as they leave childhood.

Upstairs, a secondary family room boasts a large television for movie nights, and a raised table with barstools — in addition to a refrigerator built into cabinetry in one corner — provides for snacking and seating. A wall devoted to OSU and other sports memorabilia keeps the atmosphere relaxed, and a large coffee table adds storage space for things like blankets.

Son Judge’s room is off the upstairs hideaway, and has a special place in Piper’s heart as her first design project.

“Designing his room was my first project in design school,” Piper says, “It’s been fun to see it come to life.”


• “This was our guest room before we had Judge,” Piper says, by way of explaining the full bed in the room, in addition to his crib, “But I’ve always had beds in nurseries. It just makes sense, for whenever they’re sick, or need you.”

• Fun patterned wallpaper in the kids’ bath

• When asked about incorporating children’s preferences into a décor scheme, Piper shares her way of acknowledging the kids’ individuality and still keeping a streamlined design and decorating theme: “I give them choices from things that I like,” she says.

The artwork on the walls comes from three generations of the women in Judge’s life — his grandmother, his mom and his sister Legend — and a large rectangular mirror on the wall was a project delegated to his dad and grandfather by Piper, making the room a family-wide labor of love.

In the end, Piper’s vision for a home that’s beautiful and comfortable — both to live and entertain in — seems to have found fruition. A perfect mix of open planning and cozy nooks, decorated with a hand that’s both bold and gentle, with items both pleasing to the eye and stirring to the heart.

“I want it to feel inviting,” Piper says, “I want everyone to feel welcome.”


• above and left: The master suite is one place where a cooler palette prevails; black and white and gray color choices add a relaxing vibe, promoting a sense of sanctuary. A large bay window visually brings the outdoors in, while a door leading directly to the patio allows for physical access.

• bottom right: A sizable closet, individual sinks and separate shower, tub and toilet embody the best of all design choices for the marital bathroom … togetherness, with just the right amount of personal space.