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The Cacti Craze

These selections among cacti-themed decor have a Southwestern flair to keep your home looking sharp.


If you haven’t noticed the boom in cacti-themed accessories for, well, just about everything, you will now. While a cactus might seem like a curious choice of thing to own, let alone have depicted on your coffee mug, it’s actually quite charming. Small caricatures of the plant can be spotted almost anywhere, from a welcome mat to your serving dishes … not to mention that, if you want a living cactus, the choices are almost overwhelming, as there are so many. Sometimes cute and whimsical, they can also bring a sense of warmth, conjuring feelings of desert air and big, blue skies. Real or not, make this design accent a treat for any room in your home.

From The Social Club: Greeting cards, $15; Tea towel, $16; Rocks glasses, $17

From Stash: Outdoor rug, $35; Cacti print, $27; from Calvert's: live cactus in small bowl, prices vary