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The Cadillac District Tour: Midtown

405 Magazine proudly presents the second episode of the 2024 Cadillac-sponsored series, The Cadillac District Tour. Next up: The Midtown.

Embark on a tour of three of Oklahoma City’s favorite Districts with 405 Magazine. Next up: Midtown

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We proudly present the second episode of our 2024 Cadillac-sponsored series, The Cadillac District Tour. We are excited to unveil this captivating journey that captures the essence of luxury and style.

This summer, Cadillac sent Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and travel influencer Matt Payne on a tour of three of Oklahoma City’s most dynamic districts. From the bustling streets filled with boutique shops and local artisans to the tantalizing array of culinary delights, this series will spotlight the essence and charm of The Plaza, Midtown and Downtown. In this captivating three-part video series, Oklahoma’s own Prairie Surf takes us on an intimate journey into the heart and distinctiveness of each district. Follow along on Instagram as we debut a new video each summer month.


In the series’ second episode, we’re taking a tour of the Midtown. Here is what Payne had to say about this exciting area of town.

What makes Midtown so unique to Oklahoma City?

First off, the roundabout with the Midtown Plaza Court sign makes for a strong first impression. What makes Midtown stand out is its blend of retail, residences and walkability. I love driving through the district because there are people everywhere. It is fun to see them sitting on the patio at McNellie’s and racing around on scooters. Plus, if you need a new pair of Jordans, The Laboratory OKC has you covered.

What surprises you most about the Midtown District?

In Midtown there’s always something interesting going on. For instance, shooting this episode of our series, we saw a guy riding around on a motorcycle with his dog in a sidecar. What’s really wild is that not long ago, it wasn’t a part of town you’d want anything to do with. What makes OKC so cool is that you’ve got so many partners – a city – willing to do the work to bring these historic neighborhoods to life.

Describe your perfect day in Midtown.

MP: A perfect day in Midtown starts with a staycation at The Ambassador Hotel. The pool is a great spot for a morning swim and the balcony of the O Bar is the ideal locale for a nightcap. In between, it is all about the food and retail. I’d pop into Opolis Clothing to grab a throwback OKC t-shirt, hit the lanes at Dust Bowling and Lounge and then I’d head to Commonplace books. Lunch at Stella Modern Italian Cuisine is a must.


About Matt Payne:

Matt Payne is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker, writer, photographer, and educator based in Oklahoma City. Payne was the Travel Editor of 405 Magazine and has been a contributing writer and photographer to National Geographic Traveler, Travel Age West, Explorer Magazine and many other travel publications. Today, he serves as the CEO and Founder of Prairie Surf Media.

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