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The Cadillac Home Tour: Wondrous and Whimsical Walls

Embark on a Home Design Tour with 405 stylist and star gardener Linda Vater.

Embark on a Home Design Tour with 405.

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We proudly present the third and final episode of our Cadillac Sponsored series, Cadillac Home Tour. We are excited to unveil this captivating journey that captures the essence of luxury and style.

This summer, Cadillac sent designer, stylist and star gardener Linda Vater on a home tour adventure around Oklahoma City and Edmond to talk with homeowners about their architecture, design and landscaping. Linda cultivated her gardening skills and acumen for 30 years at her Tudor-style home, and she shares her lessons learned with 158,000 subscribers on YouTube and in her book, The Elegant and Edible Garden. In this captivating three-part video series, we delve intimately into the inspiration and distinctiveness of each home she visited.

Exquisitely Eco-Conscious

405: What did you find remarkable or unique about this home? 

Vater: Merging different aesthetic sensibilities while maintaining marital harmony can be a challenge. But for this home, Sarah Kate [Little], their designer, helped them find a beautiful decorative rapport. 

405: In what ways did you see the family reflected in the design of the home?

Vater: I loved the way no detail was overlooked and surprise punches of color appear against a canvas of calm. It has great youthful elegance and synergy that blends modern and traditional items in unique ways to express their personalities. 

405: What parts of the home do you think will inspire others?

Vater: The brilliant, fun, classic use of wallpaper took my breath away!


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