The Face of Endodontics Denistry

Victoria Ball
Faces 2020 / Women In Business (oct) Contemporary Endodontic


When it comes to dentistry, few things strike fear into the heart of a patient quite like root canals. But in many respects, that fear is outdated.

That’s the goal of Dr. Victoria Ball who operates Contemporary Endodontics. An endodontist focuses on caring for the inside of the tooth including nerves which can cause patients to experience pain. 

“My field of dentistry, endodontics, involves treating the nerve of the tooth,” she said. “Where a general dentist does cosmetic work, an endodontist treats the inside of the tooth. An endodontist is a highly specialized dental specialist specializing in treating tooth pain.” 

By the time most patients see her through referrals, they are already in great pain. But root canals have evolved over the years, and are much less painful than they once were. 

“There are modern techniques that have made it an easier procedure for patients that have allowed people to be more comfortable,” Ball said. “The whole point of what we do is to relieve the patient from pain.” 

Ball said if patients are experiencing pain while eating or drinking they should act sooner rather than later. 

“If you’re eating ice cream, for example, and it’s painful when before it wasn’t, it’s a good idea to be examined to help avoid bigger problems in the future,” she said.