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The Face of Hormone Therapy & Wellness – Noel Williams, MD

The Face of Hormone Therapy & Wellness - Noel Williams, MD Noel Williams, M.

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The Face of Hormone Therapy & Wellness – Noel Williams, MD

Noel Williams, M.D., and Benjamin J. Barenberg, M.D., are the two physicians at Optimal Health Associates, and the most important thing to know about their practice is that visiting Optimal Health is not like a trip to a usual doctor’s office – because Optimal Health is focused on wellness and prevention. Their goal is to get in front of disease events and prevent them from ever occurring, or at the very least address the root causes collaterally to treating the already occurring symptoms.

“So much of medicine is reactive,” Dr. Williams explains, “wellness is about being proactive; trying to stop people from getting sick, prevent them from having to go to the doctor with a problem. Our goal is to get them on the right path, so that for the remainder of their life, they don’t have health problems, and will feel well.”

He describes it as a process that works for both men and women, because it’s tailored to the individual. It starts with discussions of their personal health concerns, the specific way in which they don’t feel well, what part of their physicality isn’t where they want it to be and what different etiologies could be at play. A person’s family history, genetics, lifestyle and environmental exposures all need an accounting in this process. “We give guidance on what you need to do, things that are more based on keeping you healthy versus treating you once you’re sick,” says Dr. Williams. “It trends towards behavioral, nutritional and hormonal interventions, as opposed to medicinal.”

Through their years of experience, Optimal Health’s staff gives patients the benefits of medical expertise while working to improve their overall well-being, which results in improvements such as higher energy levels, weight loss, better clarity of thought, improved sleep … and more enjoyment of life.

“As quality of life gets better, people are happier – that’s one of the reasons why in our practice, once we see one member in the family, we tend to get the rest of the family eventually, because they see the difference the first person has gotten and then everybody else wants to get there, too,” says Dr. Williams.

Results are generally noticeable between 3 and 12 months, sometimes faster, he said, and most people can follow the procedures laid out fairly easily. Most importantly, if you feel bad, “You’re not imagining it; there’s something wrong. If you’re tired, you’re feeling worn out, or you’re sad, there’s a reason. And we can develop a plan to help.”

Greater wellness starts with a phone call or visit; get in touch with Optimal Health and begin the journey toward feeling better.