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The Face of Kitchen Design

  Renovating or building a home is a huge investment.

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Renovating or building a home is a huge investment. Fortunately, Oklahoma City-based Kitchen Society Design and founder Melissa Fitzgerald thrive on making each project timeless and artfully curated. Their work combines award-winning design with the finest quality materials and products, which includes the in-house cabinetry line, Society Cabinetry.  


Fitzgerald stresses the importance of hiring a design firm, not only to make sure that all details are accounted for and the project is being expertly managed, but also to educate the homeowners about all of the products available to them.


Recently moving from Denver, she was surprised to see so many people in Oklahoma still having cabinets built on-site. “Custom manufactured cabinetry is machine-cut to our design plans and finished in a controlled environment; this give you a better fit and finish overall,” Fitzgerald says. “I think OKC homeowners will continue to adopt this concept in the future, due to all the upsides.


“My best advice for homeowners is to hire each trade for what they’re best at: Let architects draw up the overall plan, designers design each interior space and select all materials, and builders build according to plans and install materials selected,” she says.