The Face of Ophthalmology

Diana E. Hampton, MD
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Caring for the eye-related needs of countless Oklahomans with a whole-patient approach has always been the hallmark of Oklahoma City native Dr. Diana Hampton. From routine eye exams to cataract surgery, she provides care that serves a wide range of needs. “New technology has made diagnosing and treating glaucoma, dry eyes, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration safer and easier. We are able to intervene much earlier and save the patient’s sight,” she says.


Patients want to look and feel their best. As a result of her patients’ desires and needs, she has expanded her treatment options to include a range of procedures that can combat the signs of aging. 


“Once someone has brought their eyes out from behind glasses, they want them to look especially great,” says Dr. Hampton.


The skin around the eyes is delicate, and needs to be treated carefully. An ophthalmologist’s office is a great place to ensure that your eye area is being handled with concern, and the rest of your skin will receive the same focused professionalism and respectful attention.


“Our focus is definitely around the eye, but the treatments we use can be easily applied to other areas.”


LED red light facials, high-frequency temperature treatments and PowerDerm kinetic dermabrasion are now available, with more treatments coming soon. Dr. Hampton’s preference is to offer services that utilize digital technology, are less invasive and are designed to reduce downtime. 


All in addition to the compassionate and comprehensive ophthalmological care that Dr. Hampton has cultivated in the past.

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Oklahoma City, OK