The Face of Retirement Investment

Andrew Flinton, CFPⓇ Retirement Investment Advisors
Advsiors Group Cmyk


“The gravity of managing approximately $800 million for families is never lost on us,” says Andrew Flinton, President of Retirement Investment Advisors, Inc. 


As a fee-only fiduciary, Retirement Investment Advisors offers complete transparency for its clients and a depth and breadth of expertise unrivaled in the industry. “We’ve been fee-only since day one,” Flinton says, “and that commitment comes from answering a simple question: Would we do business with our firm if we were on the other side of the table?”


All advisors are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals; two on the team are CPAs, and one was a state comptroller. More than its members’ individual qualifications, though, the strength of Retirement Investment Advisors is the team approach to investment strategy.


“We utilize the same framework for our investments and strategy,” Flinton says. “We meet regularly and decide as a team, and that means you can expect professionalism, consistency and expertise from any member of our team.


“Our niche is families that are retired or nearing retirement,” he continues. “Distributions in retirement always involve things we can’t predict or control, as 2020 has taught us. Given that, our goal as advisors is to maximize the possibilities that the family will live comfortably in their retirement. It’s a unique and specific skillset we bring to our clients.”



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