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The Faces of Boutique Real Estate – KBB Real Estate

KBB was started in 2016 by Kara Bowes.

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KBB was started in 2016 by Kara Bowes. After serving 13 years as a top real estate agent, Kara decided it was time to open KBB. “Prior to opening my own brokerage, I had worked for large scale, national brokerages and knew what aspects I did and did not want to incorporate into my own business. There were times when I worked for those larger brokerages that I felt like as an agent, I was on an island alone even though I had hundreds of colleagues. When I started KBB, I knew I needed to have very open lines of direct communication with each and every agent that hung their license with me. At the end of the day, each one of my agents is an extension of me and also my business.”

Bowes chooses to keep her brokerage small. “Being a boutique brokerage, my mission is to create longevity in this field for my agents and for my business. I want to give my agents a space where their voice and opinions are heard. It’s important to do business with those who trust and appreciate your words of wisdom,” Bowes said. She chooses to keep her team small because she believes this leads to better communication and a stronger bond within the team and also with clients. “We work on a referral basis, so we trust our clients as we hope they trust us.”

Rather than focus on a specific area of the Oklahoma City metro, Bowes and her team go where her clients are and where they want to be. They are more flexible than some brokerages, and able to work around last-minute surprises or travel as needed. “We are located in the heart of Oklahoma City, but with our diverse team, we are able to service not only the Oklahoma City metro, but throughout the state. We provide a very hands-on, interactive and transparent approach with each and every one of our clients, instead of just a transactional, “burn and turn” mindset that you sometimes find in these large brokerages.”

The low cost of living makes Oklahoma an attractive place to live, and it makes home ownership a reality for many who couldn’t do so in other markets. Making that dream come true keeps Bowes pushing forward for her clients and team. Buying and selling property, whether commercial or residential is a big decision and it’s important to have an agent on your side who is looking out for your best interests, not just their potential commission check. “At KBB our focus is to ensure that our clients are making smart, successful decisions in this sector and that is why we are the team you want to work with.”