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Kara Bowes Faces 21


Trust is a two-way street for Kara Bowes, and she can find you the perfect home on that street through her brokerage Kbb Real Estate.

With almost 20 years of experience in real estate, Bowes became a broker in 2011 and went out on her own in 2015.

“It’s important to do business with those who trust and appreciate your words of wisdom,” Bowes said. “We are a local brokerage with a small team, and we work on a referral basis, so we trust our clients as we hope they trust us.”

Rather than focus on a specific area of the Oklahoma City metro, Bowes and her team go where her clients are and where they want to be. They are more flexible than some broker- ages, and able to work around last-minute surprises or travel as needed.

“We’ve been known to bring in our own families to help make a move happen when closing dates have changed,” she said. “Larger firms might discourage ‘over-helping’ or loaning someone your truck to help them move.”

Bowes said a smaller team makes for better communication and a stronger bond with each other and clients.

“We love people at my brokerage,” she said. “We like the new, excited first-time homebuyers, but we also love to help those who may have just lost a family member or lost a spouse and need to go into a retirement community.”

The low cost of living makes Oklahoma an attractive place to live, and it makes home ownership a reality for many who couldn’t do so in other markets. Making that dream come true keeps Bowes pushing forward for her clients and team.

“Our dedication to our clients sets us apart,” she said. “The clients energize us, and winning the right home for them is a win for me.”


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