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The Hagoods' Modern Farmhouse

Brady and Gay Hagood both craved wide open spaces, and thanks to a design from Gary Randolph, that’s exactly what their family now enjoys in their beautifully built Edmond home.


Brady and Gay Hagood both grew up in western Oklahoma; he was raised on a dairy farm and she was brought up on a working farm. So as adults, their dream was to build a home with open space, inside and out. They searched for about five years for the ideal area, before finding it on 47 acres near Edmond Road and Rockwell Avenue.

The Hagoods, who have been married for 25 years, have busy and intertwined lives: He is a doctor, and she is the office manager of his clinic, which includes three doctors — each with their own practices. “When I first started this,” she remembers, “someone asked me if, as office manager, I was going to ‘run the office,’ and I said, ‘No, my job is to make sure the office runs well.’”

The Hagoods had a few things in mind when they contacted master builder Gary Randolph to design and build their 4,723-square-foot home. They wanted a modern farmhouse with an open porch and family area. Randolph designed a large family space that incorporated the kitchen, living and dining zones. “It is a 1,200-square-foot area,” Randolph says.

Another design request was separate dressing areas in the master bathroom. Since Brady is a doctor, his schedule is demanding and variable. “He can get ready and not disturb Gay,” explains Brady’s sister Trish Randolph. Trish, Gary’s wife, designed interiors for the home while the Randolphs’ daughter, Ashley Randolph McAllister, is a master builder apprentice who worked hand-in-hand with her father and the contractors on the project.

Trish has a fondness for the personal touches in the Hagood home, starting with the artwork. In the entryway is a locally bought marble and granite piece by a Santa Fe artist. “I found this at the Festival of the Arts in Oklahoma City,” says Trish. Also in the same area is “Gray Wolf,” an Expressionist painting commissioned for the Hagoods from Oklahoma City resident Bert Seabourn.

The Hagoods can enjoy sunsets every evening from their fabulous indoor/outdoor living space. Even though there is sustainable landscaping on the property and a small herd of cattle, Brady enjoys mowing the lawn to unwind. And when their daughter, who is studying engineering, and their son are home, the family can continue to make delightful memories here. Now, that’s modern farmhouse living.