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Happy days are here again!

Happy days are here again! It’s time to banish those gray and rainy early spring days and get ready for one of Oklahoma’s most enjoyable outdoor months … ah, May. With our minds on leisurely pursuits in balmy (not yet broiling!) climes, we’ve turned our focus to some of the best locations in the metro for celebrating the community’s spirit of fun and relaxation. Contributor Heidi Rambo Centrella has winnowed down the field to a few of the most well-known in “Come Together” on page 52, and explains how the influx of energy and capital into shopworn metro districts has blossomed into beautiful fruition. These rejuvenated areas have hit upon a winning formulation of the right investors, location and community buy-in to create destinations worthy of attention. Park your car and head out on foot to shop, dine and find entertainment options all within a short walk. Often hosting regularly scheduled street festivals (like the Plaza District’s “Live! on the Plaza” fete shown on our cover), now is the time to get outside to check out these pockets of play.

Continuing with our relaxed mindset – can you tell we’re more than ready for summer vacation? – we’ve gone to the trouble of seeking out the most blissful in-state boutique hotels to call home for a long weekend of recharging and exploring. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it, and our intrepid travel contributor Elaine Warner faces the challenge head on. She’s cast her net outside of the local environs but kept it within easy driving distance with her feature, “Summer Stays for Summer Play.”

Another topic that is top-of-mind around this time is Mother’s Day (May 10 – not that I’m counting!) This is my first official entry into the hallowed halls of the honored, and I know I’ll be stealthily directing my husband’s attention to Caryn Ross’ kids’ recipes for frittata and chocolate croissants on page 82. This is a case where membership has its benefits, and those, namely, are spelled “c-h-o-c-o-l-a-t-e c-r-o-i-s-s-a-n-t-s.” I think the six-month-old is a bit too small to man the stove just yet, but will definitely provide the inspiration and cheering section for the culinary endeavors of that day. I think it’s good to start them young, especially in matters of delicious pastry, don’t you?

Lastly, we are always interested in reader feedback, and right now we’re making it official. We’ve got a new survey up and running and would love for you to participate. We’ll even sweeten the deal with the chance to win prizes, from fine dining to luxury shopping to a great weekend getaway. Sound good? Visit to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and moms everywhere!