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The Mud Room: Utility Meets Creativity

A functional room doesn’t have to be sterile or boring – in fact, infusing personality and charm into a work space makes doing chores a little less onerous.


The Word “Mudroom” Doesn’t Usually Inspire A Lot Of Enthusiasm but one metro mudroom offers a glimpse into just how revolutionary a few great organizational ideas and stylish touches can be for a staging area like this, and might just inspire you to make over your own mudroom.

(Or to install one if it doesn’t exist.)

Maggie Humphreys’ mudroom was originally a covered porch that she and her husband repurposed as an office before deciding to give the area a new identity.

“We realized it would just work better to make it a mudroom,” she says. “The laundry was in the basement, and we wanted to move that up. We have a dog, and the marble floor was great for dealing with her when she was muddy, and we had her food and things there … it just made sense. We can wash kids and the dog up in there easily.”

Maggie stores gardening gloves, seeds and other implements in the desk, and almost a decade’s worth of cookbooks have a home in a built-in bookshelf nearby.

Having three young sons makes the help a mudroom can provide with keeping a house clean well worth it to Maggie, but she extolls the virtues of an area like this for anyone, no matter what their situation.

“It’s nice to be able to go from outside straight to a sink,” she says, “and then straight to the laundry.”