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The Road Awaits

Must-have accessories for traveling in fashion.

Photo by Shevaun Williams.

Must-have accessories for traveling in fashion.

Come summer, thoughts often turn to travel. Maybe it’s a family road trip to the beach or mountains, or a dream trip for two to New York City or Venice. Whether traveling by plane, train or automobile, another decision also comes into play. What to pack?

We’re stepping away from any clothing suggestions and focusing instead on a few accessories, essentials and self-indulgences that should add to any trip’s ease, comfort and enjoyment. Here are six different travel scenarios along with what we’d toss into our bag if we were hitting the road or jetting off to an exciting city or tropical paradise.


Time for no fuss, no hassle and easy. Embrace the experience with a clean, organic and natural approach.

Eco Living makeup bag and makeup remover wipes, eco-friendly toothbrush, Dulce de Deodorant natural deodorant, travel pumice stone and soap rock, travel comb and Qi teas, all from Plenty Mercantile; Indie Lee travel cleanser, toner and daily vitamin infusion from Udander; Riddle fragrance oil and Nat & Ian coin purse from Black Scintilla; and fan from

Photo by Shevaun Williams.


Traveling with children by car or plane can be challenging at times. Pack a grab bag with plenty of essentials for all.

50 Fun Things to Do on a Plane tin, hand sanitizer, Baby Bar & Co. cup and straw, vintage airplanes, Melii snap and go pods and snack container, 52 Fun Things to Do in a Car tin, Colorblock silicone pacifiers, Milkbarn kerchief bibs and reusable Oklahoma theme towel, all from Plenty Mercantile.

Photo by Shevaun Williams.


Sometimes getting to that much anticipated destination is part of the fun, and it often starts in the best seat on the plane or a luxury suite on the cruise ship.

Sondra Roberts bag, Huma Blanco gold sandals, Ateliers ribbon-tie sneakers, pen and Christian Lacroix notebook, all from Betsy King Shoes; Tantasia by Jane Iredale self-tanner and bronzer from ANU Medspa; tortoise comb from Plenty Mercantile; card holder, gold hair clip and Riddle roll-on fragrance oil from Black Scintilla; and Cartier sunglasses from TSO Optical.

Photo by Shevaun Williams.


Nothing beats the excitement of exploring a new city. Something to see at every turn, and usually something to learn.

Nero Giardini silver and black sandals, Christian Lacroix notebook and playing cards and Sondra Roberts crossbody travel bag, all from Betsy King Shoes; Fresh Start natural breath spray from Plenty Mercantile; card case and Riddle roll-on fragrance oil from Black Scintilla; Cartier sunglasses from TSO Optical; and wipes from Carwin’s Shave Shop.

Photo by Shevaun Williams.


Some men might opt to skip the daily routine of shaving if they were exploring the bush in Australia or going on an African safari, but for most guys the day starts with a quick shave, even on vacation.

Scully dopp kit, Edwin Jagger travel shave brush, Truefitt & Hill shave oil and shave cream and Scully passport holder from Carwin’s Shave Shop; travel-size solid cologne, OMG camel zip bag, Cocktail Collection travel candles and tin airplane, all from Plenty Mercantile; and Mykita sunglasses from TSO Optical.

Photo by Shevaun Williams.


Taking a road less traveled can be an adventure in itself. Perhaps we should all slow down, enjoy the ride and sightsee all the way.

Candles, Let’s Play travel game bag set, camping notebook, Poison Ivy soap, tin vintage bus, hair clips and Huckleberry make your own fresh flower necklace, all from Plenty Mercantile; Travel Trivia tin from Black Scintilla; and multi-color sandals by Oncept Rio from Betsy King Shoes.